Are there any potential side effects associated with Tirzepatide, and how are they managed?

Possible side effects may include gastrointestinal discomfort initially. Our team at Wellness Code provides guidance on managing and mitigating these effects, and continuous monitoring ensures safety throughout the treatment.

Can Tirzepatide be used in combination with other weight loss strategies or medications?

Tirzepatide's compatibility with other weight loss strategies depends on individual circumstances. At Wellness Code, our healthcare professionals devise personalized plans to optimize results, considering your unique health profile and preferences.

What lifestyle modifications or dietary changes should I follow while on Tirzepatide?

Our program at Wellness Code emphasizes adopting healthy dietary habits and lifestyle changes to complement Tirzepatide's effects, fostering sustainable weight loss and overall well-being

Is Tirzepatide covered by insurance plans or offered at different pricing options?

Coverage varies based on insurance plans. At Wellness Code, our team assists in navigating coverage options and offers transparent pricing structures to ensure accessibility for our clients.

What level of monitoring and support does Wellness Code provide throughout the Tirzepatide program?

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Is Tirzepatide suitable for long-term use, and are there any limitations on treatment duration?

Long-term suitability depends on individual responses and goals. At Wellness Code, our team monitors and adjusts treatment plans as needed, promoting safe and effective long-term use aligned with your health objectives.

How does Tirzepatide contribute to overall wellness beyond weight loss?

Tirzepatide's comprehensive approach to weight management often leads to improvements in metabolic health, potentially reducing the risk of associated conditions. At Wellness Code, we prioritize holistic wellness, emphasizing the broader health benefits of effective weight management.

Can I engage in exercise or physical activities while undergoing Tirzepatide treatment?

Incorporating exercise and physical activities into the weight loss journey is encouraged at Wellness Code. Our team provides guidance on suitable activities based on individual capabilities, fostering a balanced approach to health.

Are there any specific contraindications or medical conditions that might prevent someone from using Tirzepatide?

Certain medical conditions or contraindications might limit Tirzepatide use. A thorough assessment by our healthcare professionals at Wellness Code determines the suitability of Tirzepatide based on individual health profiles.

What sets Wellness Code's Tirzepatide program apart from other weight loss solutions available in the market?

Our Tirzepatide program at Wellness Code integrates cutting-edge medication with personalized lifestyle guidance, offering a holistic approach that not only focuses on weight loss but also nurtures long-term well-being, setting a benchmark in comprehensive weight management solutions.


Does Semaglutide curb your appetite?

Yes, itʼs believed that Semaglutide helps curb your appetite. In addition to slowing gastric emptying to make you feel full longer. GLP-1 also plays a direct role in how appetite is regulated.

Is Semaglutide a type of insulin?

No, Semaglutide is not a type of insulin or a substitute for insulin. Semaglutide does stimulate your pancreas to release insulin when glucose (sugar) is present. Because Semaglutide relies upon your body's own insulin to have this effect, Semaglutide isn't used when your pancreas can't make insulin, such as in patients with type-1 diabetes.

Is Semaglutide safe?

Yes. Semaglutide is considered to be safe and effective when used as indicated. However, safe doesn't mean there aren't risks. Semaglutide also carries a boxed warning about thyroid C-cell tumors occurring in rodents (with unknown risk in humans). Semaglutide shouldn't be used if you or your family have a history of certain thyroid cancers. Semaglutide should not be used in people with type-1 diabetes or a history of pancreatitis. Semaglutide should be used cautiously for people on other blood sugar lowering medications.

Is Semaglutide approved by the FDA?

YES.Semaglutide is approved by FDA.


Who are the best candidates for Botox, Jeuveau and Dysport injections?

Botox, Jeuveau and Dysport injections are best for people with fine wrinkles caused by facial expressions or aggravated by them. During your consultation, we will determine the right formula for you.

When will I see the results after Botox, Jeuveau and Dysport injections?

After the initial injections of Jeuveau, patients typically see significant results within two to three days, unlike Botox, which may take a week or more to take effect.

How long do results last?

Botox, Jeuveau and Dysport do not have a permanent effect. The effects of Botox, Jeuveau and Dysport usually last about 3-4 months.. Results vary from patient to patient.

Will I have recovery or downtime?

Since redness, swelling or bruising is possible, we recommend you plan two weeks ahead of any vacations or important events.


How does the laser work?

As the laser beam passes through the skin and heats the hair roots, it will stunt future hair growth. Depending on the specific concern, treatments usually last 15 to 45 minutes.

Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

The Diolaze laser uses selective diode laser technology with chromophore technology to target melanin in the hair follicle. Fitzpatrick skin types with even darker pigment can be treated with it. A consultation is required to determine eligibility.

How many sessions are needed for hair removal?

Laser hair removal methods such as usually require a series of treatments. It typically takes four to six laser treatments to achieve the best results in hair reduction. The total number of laser treatments you need will depend on your hair color, type, body area, and skin tone, which will be discussed at your initial consultation.

Will I have recovery or downtime?

The hair removal treatment does not require any recovery time or downtime.


What is IPL Photofacial?

IPL Photofacial is the most powerful treatment for pigmented and vascular lesions using intense pulsed light (IPL). Patients notice a significant improvement in the skin’s complexion and clarity after just one use. By delivering a comfortable light treatment, IPL Photofacial provides a photofacial through photothermolysis.

Who is IPL Photofacial good for?

For anyone looking to address the following skin conditions, IPL Photofacial is an excellent option: brown/red blemishes, sun spots, age spots, vascular redness, broken blood vessels, Rosacea, and mole-like discolorations.

What results should I expect from IPL Photofacial?

A few days after your first treatment, you can see changes in your skin’s complexion and sun damage. Over time, the skin will look younger and more radiant, with the most visible results after about two weeks.

Should I expect any downtime after a IPL Photofacial treatment?

IPL Photofacial is a quick and convenient cosmetic procedure; there should be no downtime.


How is the VI Chemical Peel different from other chemical peels?

Skincare in the past was primarily based on the notion of “no pain, no gain.” Prior to the VI chemical Peel, the deeper the peel, the more painful, the longer the downtime, the better the results. The VI Chemical Peels is the first peel that combines the strongest and most effective acids, but it is virtually painless and requires little recovery time.

Am I a candidate for a VI Chemical Peel?

Although the VI Chemical Peels can treat a variety of skin types, it is most effective on patients with fair to medium skin who have mild skin damage, acne or acne scarring, as well as noticeable signs of aging.

When will I see the results from my VI Chemical Peel?

After peeling, your skin will return to its natural pH after about four days, and you will be able to see the final results. Your skin will look radiant and luminous.

How long will the results last?

VI Chemical Peels usually last for three to four months, but with proper skincare, these results may last longer.


How does Microneedling work?

In preparation for the microneedling procedure, a local anesthetic will be administered. The SkinPen® device should only cause a slight vibration.

When will I see the results?

Immediately after treatment, patients notice a “glow” in their skin. The skin undergoes visible changes within a few weeks. It is possible for results to continue to improve for up to six months after treatment, as collagen continues to produce.

What can adding Microneedling do?

Microneedling Improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars on the face and body.


Am I a good candidate for Morpheus8?

With Morpheus8’s color blind technology, skin of all types can benefit. Due to its unique properties, it can treat even darker tones without causing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

When will I see the results after a Morpheus8 treatment?

Morpheus8 results can be seen in as little as 3 days, with the most noticeable results appearing after a month. As collagen takes up to 6 months to form, you may see improvements for months following treatment.

How long do results last?

Improvements last for up to six months after treatment. For best results, we recommend at least three treatments spaced six weeks apart.

Will I have any recovery or downtime?

The downtime is very minimal. You should avoid direct sun exposure after the Morpheus8 treatment and moisturize the area.


Who is a candidate for Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is suitable for almost anyone with weight to lose who has struggled to lose it on their own.

Who is NOT a candidate for Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is not recommended for people with medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) or MEN 2 (an endocrine disorder). Semaglutide should not be taken by diabetics with type I diabetes.

How long can I stay on Semaglutide?

The program length will depend on how much weight you want to lose.

Will I be hungry while on Semaglutide, and what am I allowed to eat?

Uncontrolled hunger is not a problem for most patients. You will be able to feel satisfied even with smaller portions. With the help of a nutrition educator, we will develop a diet and exercise program tailored to your lifestyle and ability.


How do Peptides work?

As we age, the amount and caliber of naturally occurring peptides in our bodies diminish, leading to numerous physical stressors. Peptide therapy can help by stimulating the body’s natural production of growth hormone peptides, crucial for cellular repair. Typically, the production of growth hormone declines after we reach 18-20 years of age. While some may consider taking supplemental HGH, peptide therapy presents a safer alternative without the associated side effects. Moreover, peptide therapy is more affordable than HGH treatment and entails no legal constraints or worries.

What are the benefits and advantages of peptide therapy?

Peptide therapy has demonstrated efficacy in a variety of areas such as reducing pain, promoting soft tissue repair, decreasing inflammation, expediting the healing process, boosting immune function, regulating blood pressure, and facilitating lean muscle growth (bodybuilding). Some peptides have been found to assist with weight loss by encouraging the breakdown of visceral fat. Additionally, peptides can aid in the reversal of sexual dysfunction symptoms and enhance brain fog, while reducing anxiety and depression and muscle recovery.

Antimicrobial peptides can also assist the body in combating harmful bacteria. Patients with Lyme Disease, chronic inflammation, and specific autoimmune disorders may benefit from peptide therapy.

Notably, peptide therapy has exhibited the potential to delay or even reverse certain signs of aging.

What will be the cost?

The cost of peptide therapy varies for each patient based on their individual needs and the number of objectives addressed. Generally, peptide treatment expenses vary based on customized treatment plans per patient. It’s essential to note that insurance providers typically do not cover the cost of peptide therapy.


Who is a candidate for Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are suitable for almost everyone. A dermal filler injection may be the perfect solution for enhancing your lips, smoothing wrinkles, rebuilding lost volume, or giving yourself a more youthful appearance without feeling overdone.

When will I see the results?

In most cases, results are immediate, but it can take up to a few weeks for the treatment to be fully absorbed.

How long do results last?

The longevity of the results can last between 9 months and 2 years, depending on the filler and patient.

Will I have recovery or downtime?

In the area of treatment, you may experience redness, swelling or bruising, but these symptoms should subside within a few days. Recovery times vary for each patient, as well as for each type of filler.

We believe in partnership and patient education so that you’re able to make informed decisions every step of the way.

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