Body Contouring With SculpSure®

Body Contouring With SculpSure®

Using the SculpSure® body countouring laser, stubborn fat deposits that resist diet and exercise attempts to reshape are targeted. In the contouring process, laser light emits a wavelength that absorbs stored fat tissue, burning it. As the body’s temperature rises, the fat tissues become damaged, and is absorbed and disposed of by the body. Fat cells cannot be replaced unless the patient gains about 30% of body weight. SculpSure® treatments last about 25 minutes, and peak results are seen between six and 12 weeks after treatment. There is generally little to no discomfort, and the patient can return to their regular routine immediately after surgery.

SculpSure® is perfect for people who experience trouble spots, particularly those who don’t respond to diet or exercise.

Benefits of SculpSure® include:

SculpSure® Body Contouring treatments are just one of the many treatments that Wellness Code in Sunnyvale, TX offers. Schedule your free consultation or appointment for SculpSure® today by clicking on the Book Now button.


For the best results, a candidate should have a BMI under 30, i.e., within the healthy weight category based on their height. This treatment is suitable for those with stubborn fat around the tummy, love handles, thighs, and back.

After treatment, patients often see results as early as six weeks after treatment, when the body eliminates fat cells. Optimal results are usually seen by 12 weeks after treatment.

The fat cells treated with SculpSure® will be permanently destroyed during the procedure and cannot be regenerated.

SculpSure® requires no downtime, so you can have the treatment during your lunch break and return to work immediately afterward.

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