Lumecca IPL by InMode is a non-invasive, safe treatment option for sun-damaged skin, and other irregularities. This treatment uses the latest IPL (intense pulsed light) technology to remove blemishes, pigmentation, imperfections, and improve uneven skin tone.

Using Lumecca IPL treatments, we are able to precisely target the affected areas and treat pigmentations and vascular lesions caused by prolonged sun exposure within just 1-3 sessions. Any part of the body can be treated with Lumecca. Most commonly, sun-exposed areas are treated, which include the face, décolletage, neck, legs, arms, and hands.

In Just 1-2 Sessions, Lumecca Improves the Appearance of:

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Lumecca is the most powerful treatment for pigmented and vascular lesions using intense pulsed light (IPL). Patients notice a significant improvement in the skin’s complexion and clarity after just one use. By delivering a comfortable light treatment, Lumecca provides a photofacial through photothermolysis.

For anyone looking to address the following skin conditions, Lumecca IPL is an excellent option: brown/red blemishes, sun spots, age spots, vascular redness, broken blood vessels, Rosacea, and mole-like discolorations.

A few days after your first treatment, you can see changes in your skin’s complexion and sun damage. Over time, the skin will look younger and more radiant, with the most visible results after about two weeks.

Lumecca is a quick and convenient cosmetic procedure; there should be no downtime.

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