Botox and Jeuveau help you turn back the clock and look younger, longer!

Botox and Jeuveau paralyze the facial muscles to relax them and minimize the look of wrinkles, Crows feet, forehead lines, and the like! It contains Botulinum toxin, a muscle relaxant. This quick treatment provides minimal discomfort and results in a smooth, renewed appearance. According to several clinical studies, Botox is the leading injectable treatment in the US. Botox and Jeuveau contain FDA-approved ingredients and are safe for use. This procedure will smooth out your skin and make it look younger.

Botox and Jeuveau treatments are quick and only take about 15 minutes per area, then you can go about your day! For optimal results, we recommend treatments every three to four months.

Treatable areas:

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Botox or Jeuveau injections are best for people with fine wrinkles caused by facial expressions or aggravated by them. During your consultation, we will determine the right formula for you.

After the initial injections of Jeuveau, patients typically see significant results within two to three days, unlike Botox, which may take a week or more to take effect.

Botox and Jeuveau do not have a permanent effect. The effects of Botox and Jeuveau usually last about 3-4 months.. Results vary from patient to patient.

Since redness, swelling or bruising is possible, we recommend you plan two weeks ahead of any vacations or important events.

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